Matt Carriker, King of The Demolitia & Fashion Icon Joins The Herd Has Spoken

At MuskOx, we make clothes that harness the spirit of the outdoors for your everyday adventure. But more importantly, we help men to be a better version of themselves while having a lot of fun along the journey. With the help of the MuskOx men that are part of our herd, we sit back on the virtual porch and talk shop every now and then. We love quality, strong flannels, and comfortable pullovers -- so it’s no surprise that The King of The Demolitia is part of our herd.

We Welcome Matt Carriker to The Herd Has Spoken

As part of The Herd Has Spoken, this go-round, Brad (founder of MuskOx) chats with a man that absolutely fits with the ruggedness and American can-do spirit of MuskOx: Matt Carriker. Like MuskOx, he’s always up for any challenge and he’s such a close ally of the brand that all of our products are fulfilled out of his warehouse at Bunker Branding. 

In this lighthearted conversation that’s sure to bring a laugh to your stay-at-home adventure, Matt & Brad chatted through everything ranging from Matt's Kindergarten crush, what it’s like to have Rob Terkla as a wingman, and how to launch your passion projects.

And if you look carefully at Matt’s videos on YouTube and posts on Instagram, you’ll regularly see Matt wearing our performance pullovers with comfortable fabric and technical features.


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