How To Optimize The Creative Process with Kevin Kohler, The Backyard Scientist

It's a fact, the modern American man does not have time to focus on his closet. Instead time is spent on work, family, creativity, projects -- everything you call life. For this, we built MuskOx to serve the modern American man. We flex our creative muscles for you by constructing high quality flannel shirts, sweatshirts, henleys, pullovers, and shirts that are strong enough for your everyday adventure.

Not only is it the clothing that supports MuskOx, but a strong inner-circle of men who put themselves out their day after day to enlighten, educate, and spark some creative joy. 

Creativity is something that can be hard to replicate or package with a pretty bow. On this episode of The Herd Has Spoken we welcome in an incredibly creative YouTuber known for developing experiments right in his own backyard.

Kevin Kohler sits down with Brad and talks about mixing education with explosions, along with advice for aspiring entrepreneurs and creators.

Kevin, more famously known as The Backyard Scientist, has been a YouTube sensation since his debut in 2013, building a following of over 4.5 million. From making green fire to massive explosions to testing Nerf dart velocity, Kevin has done it all. 

In their conversation, Brad and Kevin discuss perfectionism, or lack thereof, and how the Backyard Scientist goes about constructing each of his videos and formulating his recklessly awesome ideas. Kevin ends the video by giving some great advice to the aspiring entrepreneur and content creator.

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