Tuckaway by junedays
Tuckaway by junedays
Tuckaway by junedays
Tuckaway by junedays
Tuckaway by junedays
Tuckaway by junedays
Tuckaway by junedays
Tuckaway by junedays

Tuckaway by junedays

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The Tuckaway by junedays is designed to have a safe and visible place for all valuables — keys, wallets, phones, and glasses. Enjoy the calmness when people know they have a designated place for their precious things. Trust us when we say that the Tuckaway has proven its value time and time again.

The Tuckaway features four pockets, each with a colored woven tab to help you easily identify whose items are whose. Additionally, an exterior elastic strap is included to hold your sunglasses securely in place. Tricot-lined pockets ensure your items won't get scratched, and the water-repellent tarpaulin material ensures they stay dry.


  • Water-repellent exterior
  • 4 lidded pockets with velcro closure to store your phone, keys or important ID
  • Pocket lined with tricot so your phone won't get scratched
  • Keeps your phone from overheating in the direct sun
  • Each pocket measures 4.8W x 7L
  • Exterior elastic band to hold your sunglasses
  • Features colored woven tabs on exterior to help you identify which one holds your things
  • Removable and adjustable web strap handle to attach to your windshield stay or rails
  • Includes adhesive backed Velcro strip at the bottom to easily attach to your boat for additional security
  • Wipeable exterior
  • To be used ONLY in the interior of your boat
  • The Tuckaway does not float and is not waterproof


  • 4.875W x 29.5H

Material & Care

  • Made from wipeable and easy to clean tarpaulin
  • Tricot lined pockets
  • Use mild soap and water to clean exterior and interior webbing features
  • Towel or air dry
  • Avoid using cleaners that contain bleach or other harsh chemicals
  • Do not place item in the washing machine or dryer
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