Five Athleisure Staples for Men

Athleisure by MuskOx Men's Apparel

Is athleisure a type of clothing? Or, is it more of a lifestyle or mind set?

We think the latter.

As we move into the coldest months of the year it’s getting harder to justify wearing anything that isn’t functional and comfortable. For us, that means breathability and moisture-wicking fabric that we can rely on during the final bits outdoor work and thick insulated layering. 

Additionally, these are the five features we can’t live without, and the brutally honest reasons why:

1. Breathability

This list is ranked in a particular order, an order made dudes who sweat. We don’t mean the occasional wet armpit...we mean faucets and full-body heatwaves. We have a special member of our team who'd referred to as the Furnace, and for good reasons. If you throw in warm fall months + yard work + “sweater” weather we have problems...That’s why breathability clocks in at number one on our list. We consider the next four features to be preventive measures but we know the inevitable sweat destiny MuskOx men live with and damage control is often the only option. Our performance line was designed with this in mind. It’s not a matter of if but when.

Moisture Wicking Performance Clothing by MuskOx Apparel

2. Moisture-Wicking

You might think our reasoning for putting moisture-wicking as number two is because of our quick-dry wicking abilities to protect you from the elements. However, if you’ve made it this far you know we sweat, and just because it isn’t 100% preventable doesn’t mean there aren’t important measures to be taken to tame the perspiration. Sort of a Maslow’s hierarchy if you follow. Whether it’s liquid coming from a cloud or your pits, a strong combo of breathability and moisture-wicking is a must.

3. UV Blocking

Who else has seen the horrifying imagery of sun-damaged skin?! A quick google image search for “UV rays skin-damage blacklight” will do. Your skin is the largest organ in your damn body and you better care about protecting it. No matter if it’s cloudy, sunny, or raining meatballs, UV rays will find their way. We designed our Charleston Performance Hoodie exactly for UV blocking and breathable performance. 

MuskOx Men's Apparel. UV Blocking Performance Hoodie

4. Comfort

We don’t know about you but our athleisure must hold true to the latter part of the word. There’s a reason they call it "athleisure." We want to be able to relax and unwind with coffee, a cocktail, or just feel good getting through anything 2020 throws at us (not an easy feat these days). Nothing is worse than when you buy something online or without trying it on first and the proverbial “shoe” just doesn’t fit. A poorly placed seam, pocket, or zipper can make or break just about any piece of clothing for us.  

5. Style

We may have ranked style last but it cannot be forgotten. While the above might be the base of our “Maslow’s hierarchy of Athleisure”...we cannot forget about looking good. As times and trends change, it’s important that we pay homage to those that came before us. We truly believe our performance line has kept true to iconic looks (henleys, quarter zips, chest pockets, etc.) while pushing for the wonders athleisure has brought us over the years (thumb holes, discrete pockets, and fancy materials).