Man Wearing Burgundy MuskOx Flannel on a Hike

Preserving Future Adventures

With Dedication to Life Outdoors

Because of our deep appreciation for nature, we are designed to make as small of an environmental impact as possible. Why? It’s simple — our future rests on the health of the outdoors. Thanks to our ethical and local manufacturing, smart fabric sourcing, environmentally sustainable packaging, and a strong financial contribution to wildlife conservation you can feel good about wearing a MuskOx flannel. Great gear that’s done the right way.

100% Recycled Packaging

We use 100% recycled packaging for our in-house fulfillment that helps conserve an annual 9.1M gallon of water, 81K trees, 1.8K BBL, 7B BTUs of energy, and 8.7K tons of GHC emissions.

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Supporting America's Wildlife

$10 is donated for every $100 purchase to support the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center. Others may get excited about donating 1% of profits, but we just keep our nose to the grindstone and donate 10% of sales.

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Ethical & Transparent Factories

Our manufacturing partners minimize the impact on the environment and create local employment opportunities.

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Local Manufacturing

We strive to manufacture our garments as close to home as possible, with our American made garments cut and sewn in our home town of Detroit.

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Better Cotton™ Standards

Our flannels are made with 100% cotton through Better Cotton™ which evaluates the environmental, social and economic impact of cotton sourcing.

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Careful Fabric Production

We use zero wool or animal fiber in our flagship heavyweight flannels. Guaranteed strength that’s cruelty-free, only built with premium 100% cotton.

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