2 Things That Make a Flannel Perfect for Summer

Just because it’s summer doesn't mean you have to pack away your best heavyweight flannels. It’s time to ditch the idea that flannels are only for the cooler temps, because we can reassure you that's just not the truth. So, don’t put your heavyweight flannels away in storage just yet - check out the reasons below as to why flannels can be worn year round, even when temperatures start to soar.

How to wear a flannel in summer? Let's dig into the questions below to find out:

  1. What makes a flannel perfect for summer?
  2. How to find the best flannel for summer?
  3. Can a cotton flannel be worn in summer?
  4. What fabric is coolest for summer?

Andy Rawls in Boerne, TX working in a MuskOx 100% Cotton Grand FlannelAndy Rawls in Boerne, TX working in a MuskOx Grand Flannel

What makes a flannel perfect for summer?

Versatility is key, and that’s why we make flannels with versatility in mind. We’ve all had those summer nights on the beach or around a campfire where you get a chill, and like a true outdoorsman you should be prepared for moments like this. Keeping our flannels on hand as a perfect, easy, and comfortable layer of warmth for those common (and cherished) summer nights. No need to bundle up in sweatshirts or sweaters when you have the perfect transitional item already on hand.

Another common scenario we run into (being true Michiganders) is the beach breeze during the day. Our flannels are so easy to slip on, and the prints and colors MuskOx offers transition well into warmer months, therefore you don’t look like you are wearing fall on the beach. And when the sun picks up - it’s such an easy item to easily slip off and throw on the back of your beach chair.

Versatility might be key, but we all know comfort is king! When you are adventuring in the summer it is a priority to stay comfortable. The summertime is busy, whether you are chasing kids around the beach, hiking to an epic waterfall, or just lounging the last thing you want to be concerned about is comfortability. Our 100% double brushed cotton flannels are soft, we guarantee you it is the softest flannel you have ever worn.

When you are comfortable in the summer that takes a worry off of your plate, so you can just enjoy your surroundings and company. And before you start wondering, just because our flannels are extremely soft does not mean they are only intended for warmth. Because our flannels are 100% cotton they still have an aspect of breathability, ideal for a nice summer breeze. Cotton is a recommended fabrication for summer because of its softness and breathability.

Fisherman Wearing MuskOx 100% Cotton Grand Flannel in SummerJamie Mac in Southwest Oregon fishing in a MuskOx Flannel

How to find the best flannel for summer?

Look for flannels that are made with 100% cotton for breathability and strength, flannels that can be worn unbuttoned as light weather jackets, and have prints on the neutral to darker side to block harmful UV rays. 

Flannels made with 100% cotton are more breathable than flannels made with synthetic or wool fibers. This is because cotton has one of the loosest weaves, allowing air to penetrate the fibers. Cotton also provides the strength you need, so if flannels are a tool of the shop, with a 100% cotton flannel you don't have to sacrifice comfort for durability.

Can a cotton flannel be worn in summer?

Cotton flannels make for a breathable yet strong shirt for summer when you are looking for a bit of strength and sturdiness out of your clothing. The fact that flannels have buttons make them versatile when layering. 

Heavyweight and quality fabrics are key in choosing a flannel that can be worn as a lightweight jacket in summer. A thick, soft, sturdy fabric makes a great lightweight shirt jacket. With MuskOx flannels, thickness does equal softness and since we use a quality cotton weave our flannels breathe and allow airflow in hotter temperatures.

100% Cotton Twill MuskOx Grand Flannel in RussetMuskOx Grand Flannel in Russet made with 100% double brushed cotton

What fabric is coolest for summer?

Cotton is the best fabric for summer because it is soft, lightweight, and allows for high airflow. It is also the strongest of natural fibers making it a great option if you require clothes that are durable while working in warm conditions. Cotton absorbs moisture quickly which cools your body and regulates your body temperature.

You heard it here first folks - MuskOx heavyweight flannels can transition easily from season to season. We don’t have to stop wearing flannels once the sunshine starts to appear, we can continue to wear them in all seasons and for any outdoor adventure. We can’t wait to see how you sport your flannel during these warmer months. Let us know your favorite place to wear your flannel this summer.

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