Moving Forward By Letting Go. Thoughts from Brad, Founder of MuskOx

Brad, Founder of MuskOx

Hi Friend.

Happy New Year to you and yours. We’re officially into the New Year now so I figure we’re past all the pomp and circumstance – and ready for some substance.

Every New Year, I hear a lot about plans for what people want to accomplish.

The workouts we commit to doing.
The marathons that will be run.
The trails we will hike.
The healthy food that will be consumed.
The renewed focus on our most important relationships.

And all that’s good – I truly hope you’re setting up great goals for yourself so you can go forth and knock them down throughout the year.

But that’s not really what I’m thinking about these days.

You see, I’m not thinking about what I can take on here in 2023, I’m thinking about what I can leave behind in 2022.

I think we all try to do more but so often it’s what we need to do less of that really matters.

A little self reflection tells me that I too often choose stress over clear mindedness through the decisions I made every day.

I choose 30 minutes of TV at the end of a long day rather than a little more sleep or some reading.
I choose to look at my phone before bed & first thing in the morning.
I choose to reach for that peanut butter cup. Or that brownie. Or that second handful of trail mix.
I choose not to always give my wife the benefit of the doubt.
I choose to let the challenges or frustrations of work creep into other parts of my life.
I choose to work another day when I could have gotten away to the mountains.

So here’s to letting that shit go. Here’s to leaving that nonsense, whatever it may be for you, in 2022 and making the good decisions that we already KNOW will make us better but we’re just choosing otherwise.

Let’s do simple. Better.

Here’s to flannels, a clean slate, and leaving the shit behind in ‘22 so you can focus on the simple things in ‘23. I think you’ll find that’s where the good stuff lives. Give it a try – let me know what you find out. We’re not going anywhere.


Founder of MuskOx Flannels