Finding The Right Base Layer for Winter Sports

Image of MuskOx Foundation Baselayer, MuskOx Men's Apparel
The Foundation Quick Dry Base Layer in Grey by MuskOx

1. The importance of a soft material that's comfortable

We know the struggles of finding the right base layer. We all want to feel and look good in the clothes we wear. And although fit, color and style lead the way in our opinions of clothing, there is one very important factor that we should also keep in mind: the fabric. Choosing clothes based on the material goes beyond just your favorite summer shirt, and can help bring more ease, comfort, and simplicity to your life, so you can focus on being your best self. When you try it on, if it binds or constricts or isn’t comfortable, you’ll never wear it, so again don’t waste your money. For you, how it feels is just as important as how it looks (and sometimes even more important). It is important to be wearing a material that you are comfortable in, and enjoy wearing so you don’t have to fidget with your base layer and can enjoy what it is you are doing.  

2. The importance of wicking material 

Moisture-wicking fabric allows moisture to easily travel from your body to your clothes’ exterior. This can help your perspiration evaporate from your clothes and keep you dry. The secret? Capillary spaces featured within the material. Capillarity refers to a liquid’s ability to move through tiny spaces. Moisture wicking relies on “capillary action,” which is the movement of a liquid (sweat in this case) through tiny spaces within a fabric due to the molecular forces between the liquid and the fabric’s internal surfaces. Brands refine this process by carefully engineering the structure of the yarns within their fabrics, and by applying a variety of treatments to surfaces within that structure.When you’re breaking a good sweat, that sweat evaporates and produces a cooling effect. After skin temperature cools to a comfortable level, your body stops sweating. It’s a super-efficient process, and one that an effective moisture-wicking fabric will complement.

Photo of Charleston Performance Hoodie, MuskOx Men's ApparelThe Charleston Performance Hoodie in Grey by MuskOx

3. Stretch material 

Spandex was first developed in 1959, and became popular in the 1960s as an alternative to rubber. During its early years, it was mostly used for undergarments. These days, it is used in all sorts of garments mostly where comfort and fit both are required like swimsuits,  active wear, socks, gloves,  among many others. Spandex has since evolved over the years. It has evolved into different blends of material that create stretch material, that is still soft and loose on your body, providing maximum comfort. Stretch fabrics are effective because they fit better and mold to your skin. If your weight fluctuates slightly, you don’t have to toss it out as it can stretch with you. This material is one of the most popular options in clothes right now, deservedly so due to its comfort and fit.  

Foundation Base Layer by MuskOx Men's ApparelThe Foundation Quick Dry Base Layer in Grey by MuskOx

4. Additional Accommodations 

This is all about clothes that provide creature comforts. If you’re not familiar with the term creature comforts, essentially what means is a material that  contributes to physical ease and well-being. What I mean by this is, thumb holes, shirt pockets for phones,  sleek pockets for credit cards, etc.  By picking a top with thumb holes, you can keep your palms warm, and the long sleeves can keep you from needing additional gear or layers. That means less bulk, and you won’t feel as tempted to cut your workout short just to get out of the cooler air. Activewear with thumb holes not only keep you warm, but they also help you stay comfortable during your outdoor exercise too. Wearing a hoodie or other top with thumb holes is a great alternative to using gloves – especially when you still want to protect your hands from the cold.  An excellent example is if you’re hiking up a mountain. Additionally picking a top with a sleek pocket for your phone or credit cards is also a good option as well. With your phone always with you there is no detachable accessory. Your phone is usually in two places, away from you or attached to your body in some capacity. With a shirt with a pocket for your phone there is no discomfort when your sitting or walking due to your phone, and no risk of misplacing your phone. You are assured through prompt and easy access with closeness of the phone to the upper body and ease of zip opening that your phone is resting unseen in your sleek pocket.