Five Iconic Flannel Looks

MuskOx Men's Apparel Red Flannel

The only thing more famous than the flannel itself, is who wears it. From Nirvana and Tom Selleck in a flannel to the Brawny man, it’s clear to see that the flannel shirt is a good friend to a well-dressed man. Before we get started, we have to address the elephant in the room.

Not all plaid is flannel and not all flannel is plaid. Technically speaking, flannel is a fabric known for its durability, heavyweight material and in its coziest of forms, is 100% cotton. To take flannel comfort to the next level, flannels can be built with double brushed fabric for a soft interior and exterior, like the MuskOx flannels!

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, here are five ways to rock flannel like an icon.

The Classic Buffalo Plaid Flannel

The most popular flannel shirt has the buffalo plaid pattern most commonly known as lumberjack plaid. Made famous long before hipsters gave it bad rep, the buffalo check has been around since the 18th century making it a classic in our books. We say rock this durable flannel with dark jeans, cargo pants and/or brogues for a look that will never go out of style. 

Photo of Matt Carriker and Rob Terkla in MuskOx Apparel, Grand Flannel

A More Casual Vibe

A versatile way to rock any color or pattern flannel when heading towards an easy afternoon or casual evening out. Relax and don't put too much thought into the look -- a pair of sneakers and hat when you're at the Cowboys game like our buddy Rob Terkla, or worn jeans for a a day on the ranch like Matt Carriker.

The Cocktail Hour Look

Flannel is known for being heavyweight, which makes it perfect for braving the winter holiday months. With a blazer or even as a part of a suit, the classic flannel shirt transforms into a look that may bring you good luck under any mistletoe. 

The Olive Flannel Shirt Jacket By MuskOx Apparel

Maintaining your Cool

When it comes to flannel, you can still make a statement while maintaining your cool. In the summer, you can wrap a flannel shirt around your waist and in the winter, you can wear it under a crewneck and your favorite pair of denim. You can also wear it as a jacket or top layer to complete your look. 

Lenny Kravitz in a red flannel
Photo via @tomandlorenzo

The Celebrity Flannel Look

When in doubt, just have fun! Channel your inner Lenny Kravitz and mix and match your flannel with different prints and textures for a look that will most certainly garner approving nods and maybe even the paparazzi.