How The Best Flannel Shirts On The Planet Are Made

The most high quality men’s flannel shirts may not come from the places you thought, nor brands you think are the best.

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Believe it or not, a lot goes into producing the best men’s flannel shirts. A classic and timeless design, premium cotton fabric selection and preparation, quality craftsmanship, and constant product improvement are key when building MuskOx Flannels. What should you consider when spending your money wisely on the best flannel shirt money can buy?

How should a flannel shirt fit me in the first place?

A flannel shirt should fit comfortably buttoned or unbuttoned over a tee shirt. It should have a relaxed fit through the chest, shoulders and waist so you can easily layer it over other shirts, and zero bag so you can comfortably move through the shop or field. The shoulder seam should land just about where your shoulder meets your arm, and the armscye (the hole for your head and arms) should be large enough that the shirt doesn't pull across your back when buttoned. The bottom of the shirt should hit at the hips - any longer looks sloppy, any shorter ruins the rugged and timeless look you’re after. As for the collar, button it to the second to last button and leave a bit of breathing room.

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How is a high-quality flannel shirt constructed?

A high quality flannel shirt is constructed with stitching that is spaced evenly and tight, with reinforced seams, durable hem, and sturdy cuffs and collar. The buttons are sewn on securely, and the stitching is usually a double stitch per inch. This construction results in a shirt that is strong and will last for many washings. The fabric is also soft and comfortable, making it ideal for chilly weather. Lastly, thick and durable fabric is important, and rest assured, your MuskOx Flannel is constructed with fabric weighing 8.9 oz/sq yard.

What is flannel fabric made of?

Flannel fabric is made of cotton, which is a durable fiber that can be woven into a variety of weights and patterns. Flannel is made by weaving cotton fibers together and then treating them with a napping process, which raises the fibers on one side of the fabric to create a soft, fuzzy surface. The double brushed finish also helps to increase the fabric's warmth and insulation, as well as softness inside and out. The fabric's weight is typically measured in ounces per square yard, and the most common weights are 3-4 ounces per square yard. The heavier the weight, the warmer and more durable the fabric will be. MuskOx Flannels weigh 8.9 oz/sq yard. High-quality flannel is made from long-fiber cotton that has been combed to remove shorter fibers and impurities. This creates a smoother surface that is less likely to pill over time. When shopping for flannel, look for a fabric that uses heavyweight cotton and double brushed.

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Where is the best flannel fabric in the world created?

There is no doubt that flannel shirts are among the most comfortable and practical garments you can wear. But with so many different types of flannel on the market, it can be hard to know which one is right for you. If you're looking for the best of the best, then you need to check out Portuguese-made flannel shirts. These shirts are made from double brushed flannel fabric that is soft to the touch but also extremely durable. The quality of Portuguese-made flannel is simply unmatched, and these shirts are perfect for anyone who wants a rugged shirt that can stand up to a tough day while having a proper and sturdy fit. Whether you're a carpenter, craftsman, or woodworker, Portuguese-made flannel shirts are sure to meet your needs.


There are a lot of factors that go into finding the best men's flannel shirt. Fabric, fit, feel, warmth, comfort, quality, durability, and style all play a role in determining which shirt is the best. Of course, personal preference also plays a part in the equation. The important thing is to find a shirt that meets all of your criteria and makes you feel good when you’re out in the wild. Cost should not be an issue, as the right flannel shirt will provide years of unmatched quality. The best men's flannel shirt is the one that’s built to last a lifetime and makes you feel confident, and does not sacrifice quality for comfort.

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