Bundle Up at MuskOx Cadillac Square in Downtown Detroit

MuskOx Cadillac Square is now open in Downtown Detroit, Wednesdays through Sundays from 11am until nighttime, now through New Year's Eve. Come visit our Detroit nest and grab some adventurous holiday gifts. We're stocked to the ceiling full of the softest heavyweight flannels and rugged outdoor apparel. Click Here for directions, parking instructions and what we have in store.

MuskOx Cadillac Square Downtown Detroit, Holiday Shopping In Downtown Detroit
Nate at MuskOx Cadillac Square in heavyweight Moss Green Grand Flannel

It’s that time of year again -- the wind off Lake Michigan blows harder, frost grows thicker, and Michiganders are getting ready to ride out another Winter. MuskOx and all Detroiters know that tough weather doesn’t mean staying indoors -- we’re ready to embrace what Mother Nature has to offer at all times, and these times call for a heavyweight flannel, solid attitude, and a willingness to stomp through the elements.

Like Detroit, MuskOx is inspired by resilience, hard work, and going with the flow. Detroiters know that it requires drive, ingenuity, and an adventurous spirit to strike your own path. The Detroit mentality cannot be taught -- here at MuskOx, that energy motivates us to create apparel that will support you through all of your activities -- whether you’re enjoying a walk through Campus Martius, grabbing drinks in Corktown, or enjoying the trails on Belle Isle, we believe you should never have to substitute style for comfort and durability.

As Detroit natives, MuskOx is privileged to be a part of this community -- to watch Detroit continue to grow and thrive, all while it’s citizens support each other in this historic city we call home. This year, MuskOx is excited to announce we will be taking part in another community tradition: the Detroit Holiday Market.

MuskOx Cadillac Square Holiday Retail Location in Downtown Detroit
Exterior Image of Detroit Holiday Market in Cadillac Square

In November and December, our team will be celebrating the 4th season of the 2021 Holiday Market with other local businesses in the Metro Detroit area, offering rugged and modern apparel to holiday shoppers in the Downtown Detroit landmark of Cadillac Square.

Cadillac Square, like many Detroit sites, has been through many changes in the last 100 years -- originally the Cadillac Square Building, the neo-gothic highrise, was a symbol of Detroit’s progress. After many economic ups and downs, what remains of the impressive highrise is an open courtyard. To some, an empty lot. To Detroiters, an opportunity to open new doors and keep the community connected. We are proud to maintain our roots in this historic city by taking part in this mix of old history and new traditions.

Image of inside MuskOx Store in Cadillac Square
Image Inside MuskOx Cadillac Square Holiday Market

At the Detroit Holiday Market, come pay MuskOx a visit to shop some of our classic styles, like our tried and true heavyweight 100% cotton flannels, and performance men’s outdoor apparel. We’re stocked to the ceiling of flannels built for the outdoors and select picks of performance rugged outdoor clothing. Stop by MuskOx Cadillac Square to grab holiday gifts for the man who’s definition of a great night out is both camping under the stars and grabbing dinner with friends.

Grand Flannels Inside MuskOx Cadillac Square
100% Cotton Flannels by MuskOx Available In Store

As we seek to get back to nature in our outdoor-forward clothes, we love that we’re rooting deeper in Detroit, and are able to call Downtown Detroit our nest over the holidays. Join us this November and December in a festive celebration for all ages. Michigan winters are tough, but whether you’re hiking through our state’s many parks or going for a run down the Detroit Riverwalk, MuskOx has the outdoor clothing to serve whatever adventure you seek to start.

MuskOx Cadillac Square

November 10th - January 1st

Wednesday: 11am - 8pm
Thursday: 11am - 8pm
Friday: 11am - 10pm
Saturday: 11am - 10pm
Sunday: 11am - 7pm

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