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At MuskOx we are inspired by men that live each day as an adventure, and do not settle for anything less than remarkable. Average is what we steer clear of, as we want to live through our accomplishments that make us unique and push us to be the best version of ourselves. In this series, we aim to connect with men among us who do exactly that. Through their stories we hope to inspire you to go forward and do something extraordinary. We recently spoke to two members of the MuskOx herd who push limits - specifically in unique forms of transportation.

These men followed their unforeseen passions which have turned into everyday escapades, fulfilling their need to live extraordinarily and influence those around them. These men have set their sights on things greater and refuse to settle for the status quo. We commend these men for accomplishing the day to day adventure we all one day aspire to be on.

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Photo of Dane Baker

Name: Dane Baker
Location: Willow, Alaska
Profession: Dog Sled Tour Guide
Adventure: Dog Mushing

How long have you been dog sledding and what peaked your interest in this career?

I’ve been dog mushing for around 5 years now. I started back in Michigan where I’m from. Once I graduated high school I moved up to the UP to work at a kennel. The plan was to just do one summer and go to college. I ended up having way too much fun working there and they offered me a guiding position for the winter, so I figured I would do a gap year. After that, they offered me the use of their dogs for the Summer. I took 40 dogs and drove them up to Alaska for the Summer cruise ship season and never looked back. After that summer I moved full time up to Alaska and it was the best decision I’ve ever made. I remember reading this book called Cold Hands, Warm Heart. Which was about Jeff King who is a 4 time Iditarod champion. I was just fascinated by the idea of bonding with a team of dogs and traveling a long distance with them in harsh conditions. That book is what peaked my interest in making this my career.

What is your favorite memory or experience with dog sledding?

My favorite memory I've made on a dogsled happened just recently. I ran my second Iditarod qualifier. A 300 mile race called the Copper Basin 300. It’s supposedly the toughest 300 mile race in Alaska, and boy was it. Temperatures dropped down into the -60s. The trail was beautiful as we crossed rivers and went over mountains. One night the Northern Lights decided to come out which was a pleasant surprise. The dogs and I ended up finishing in 8th. I made so many memories I’ll never forget.

What keeps you inspired and motivated?

What inspires me is the fact that I’m doing something so few people get to do once and I’m able to do it everyday. Sometimes it feels like I am dreaming. I get to do these amazing races and run with these amazing dogs. It’s quite special.

MuskOx Outdoor Apparel, Wayde Minett, Pilot
Photo of Wayde Minett

Name: Wayde Minett
Profession: Line Technician
Adventure: Pilot

When did you become a pilot?

I became a licensed pilot two years ago. I was born and raised in aviation. Two of my uncles and my dad are pilots and they’ve taken me flying with them since I was young, and have taken me to the Oshkosh Airventure Airshow many times. Because of that, I fell in love with aviation.

Where is your favorite place to fly to?

My favorite airport so far is C47, the airport in Portage, WI. It is surrounded by roads and every time I land and take off, I think of the few people or kids passing under me going, woah, look at that! I want to do that someday! I would love to fly into Luce County Airport soon which is in the Upper Peninsula because it would be an amazing flight along the finer of Wisconsin.

What keeps you inspired?

Inspiring others to learn to fly is what keeps me inspired. There’s nothing like having a passenger with you who has never been in a small plane and to see their face once in the air. I also love sharing my experience on Youtube (Minett Zoo) so that I can share my views and trips with others to inspire them to adventure more often. These men live their lives as a daily adventure, and do not let the responsibilities of life bog them down. Instead, they take each day as a new time to explore and inspire those around them to do the same.

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