Choosing the Best UV Blocking and Sun Protective Clothing for Summer

Summer is upon us which means the Ultraviolet (UV) rays will be at an all time high. Sure, we recommend using sunscreen as an obvious protectant, but did you know that your favorite MuskOx sun shirt is built to protect against those strong rays?

Photo of UV Blocking and Sun Protective Sun Shirt by MuskOx Men's Apparel

Know that when you're enjoying time outside in July and August, the sun is the farthest from earth, and this means that the UV index is the highest. On average, July’s UV index is six (6), and that presents high health risks from exposure. In comparison, January’s UV index is two (2) where there is minimal risk from exposure. This means that in summer months UV protective clothing is vital. When designing our summer collection of lightweight and comfortable gear, we set out to construct clothing that not only looked good, but provided a high amount of sun protection allowing you to stay under our number one energy source all day.

You may be asking, how does sun protective clothing work?

  1. Clothing made with tightly wound fiber blocks the sun best because the fabric has less space in-between fibers for UV rays to penetrate.
  2. Dark colors have a higher Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) then lighter colors, which means dark colors allow less sun to penetrate the fabric.
  3. Less sweat and moisture on your body and in your clothing helps regulate your temperature.

The Tighter the Fiber the Less Sun Penetration

First and foremost, synthetic fibers help protect against a high UV index. All of our styles are made of the best synthetic fibers that not only protect but are also cooling on hot summer days. With a UPF rating of 30+ (very good), these synthetic fabrics are breathable but have a denser weave that protects against the sunlight. This allows for less UV radiation to reach your skin, therefore making it a safe option to wear out in the sunlight. If you are looking for a shirt that has a tighter weave to protect against the sun, we recommend the Ultra Lightweight Charleston Performance Hoodie. This sun shirt is paper thin and comfortable, but will keep those UV rays from hitting directly on your skin. It also has a hood for added protection.

Photo of UV Blocking and Sun Protective Sun Shirt by MuskOx Men's Apparel

Darker Colors Have a Higher Ultraviolet Protection Factor and Protect Best

This may be a huge surprise. You may have noticed that this summer we introduced some new and vibrant yet rich colors to our assortment. These colors were intentionally selected with the sun in mind. Did you know that darker colors (not whites or pastels) are best when protecting you from the sun’s rays? This is because darker colors have a higher Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) which means the sun cannot penetrate the fabric as well. Although it is true that lighter colors attract less heat, darker colors are best when protecting against UV rays! Some of our favorite MuskOx summer colors are the Cyan Blue Heather on the Quick Dry Sport Quarter Zip and the Bonfire orange on the Charleston Ultra Lightweight Performance Hoodie. Both of these are vibrant colors for summer that don’t compromise sun protection.

Photo of UV Blocking and Sun Protective Sun Shirt by MuskOx Men's Apparel

Moisture Wicking and Cooling Fabrics Regulate Your Temperature

All of our MuskOx shirts are made with the intention of wicking away sweat and providing built in cooling. Often people wonder, do built in cooling fabrics actually work? Not only do they work, which you can learn more about our cooling fabrics, here -- but they also fight against the sun to keep you protected. Our cooling shirts are made out of high quality synthetic fibers, which will disrupt the UV light hitting your skin much better than natural fibers. Take the MuskOx Performance Foundation Crew for example - the perfect cooling shirt made with two tone, highly breathable, and antibacterial fabric that serves as a UV protective base layer.

This summer we want you to enjoy your outdoor adventures, but also keep yourself protected from harmful UV rays. It’s in our DNA to build clothes to serve, clothes that not only look good but help you feel good. Enjoy exploring the great outdoors this summer -- it’s going to be a hot one. And if you’re out there in MuskOx, don’t forget to tag us on Instagram so we can share your adventures with the herd.