The #1 Men's Shirt of Summer 2020

man standing on bridge wearing charleston performance hoodie

It’s safe to say that 2020 is a little different than most years. We’re at home, we’re at work, we’re on a date, we’re on and adventure….and that’s all the same place. Key fashion trends have evolved too, with men needing more flexibility in their gear so they can look good on video conference calls and also be comfortable roaming around the house or on that big adventure -- you know the one that involves going for a run in your neighborhood.

While fashion is more than the clothes we wear, when it comes to men’s apparel this year, here are the key themes for 2020, told by Styles of Man. 

Versatility -- Similar to how we’re demanding our homes function as a gym, bar, yoga studio, and movie theater all in one -- men are also looking for more from our clothes. Men need clothes for video conference calls, walks with the dog, a drink with neighbors, and those blissful opportunities for a local adventure at the beach or on the trail. Clothes that fit multiple purposes are key this year and single purpose items like the men’s dress shirt are officially out. 

Cooling -- We’re all under a lot of pressure in 2020. A challenged economy, racial tension, global warming, and a hot summer mean that we all need a little advantage keeping our cool. Clothes that keep men cool are more and more popular and technological advances have proven to provide just enough relief with cooling fabrics that take the edge off the heat.

Comfortable -- Gone are the days of pomp and circumstance and the focus for summer has turned to comfort and away from bright colors. Looking good is always on the menu, but when it comes to comfort, men are uncompromising and care deeply about the feel of the fabric on their body. Hoodies are alive and well and shirts that slip on easily but still look elevated are getting a lot of traction. Henleys are proving to be popular choices that add a little bit of panache but feel like a t-shirt.

So what’s the best shirt of summer 2020? Let’s get right into it.

man wearing charleston hoodie with glasses in the pocket loop, sun in the back ground

No man’s summer clothing arsenal is complete without that one hoodie that seems to do it all. This summer, the Charleston Performance Hoodie is just that. The Charleston is made of light-weight, quick drying and moisture wicking, fabric designed to block harmful UV rays, even on the hottest days. So if you’re someone who plans their day around the UV index, this might just be what solves all of your problems. 

man running in the woods, wearing charleston performance hoodie grey

Designed to keep up with your active lifestyle, the Charleston is equipped with thumb holes, a breast pocket, and an innovative sunglass loop to keep those shades attached to you wherever you go. No matter the temperature or the weather, the Charleston Performance Hoodie has shown to truly be man’s best friend in summer 2020.