Top 10 Adventure Instagram Accounts to Follow

MuskOx Men's Outdoor Apparel Top 10 Adventure Instagram Accounts to Follow

We’re built for the men that know when to take a stand, the guys that do whatever it takes to get the job done and the guys that are adaptable to whatever adventure is thrown their way. We’re always looking for our next adventure and making high quality men’s apparel to support our herd in their next adventure.

If you’re thinking about your next great adventure, or just want a moment of release from the craziness of your days, these Instagram accounts have your back. 

Chris Burkhard

Chris is an American photographer who specializes in photographing landscapes in places across the world. Chris’ instagram is full of beautiful and vast expanses of land, water, and even ice in the most adventurous places.

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MuskOx Men's Apparel, Chris Burkard Instagram

Photo via ChrisBurkard 

Travis Burke

Travis is a photographer, athlete, public speaker, and overall adventurer. Travis’ instagram is full of places from the desert to the beach, to ice caves, and more! Photographing lifestyle shots of people with beautiful landscapes.

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Travis Burke Instagram, MuskOx Men's Apparel
Photo via Travis Burke

Ever Changing Horizon

Quin is an amazing photographer who spends his days surfing, hiking, or just exploring! He mainly fills his Instagram account with pictures of water, both over and under, with some incredible photography.

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EverChangingHorizon Instagram, MuskOx Men's ApparelPhoto via EverChangingHorizon

James Forrest -- “Mountain Man”

James is always out in the hills, doing what he does best -- exploring. His pictures capture those small spots in the UK that go unnoticed. He is a full time adventurer with enough time on his hands to climb all 282 Scottish munros.

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James Forrest, MuskOx Men's Apprael
Photo via James Forrest

Jimmy Chin

Very fond of climbing and skiing, Jimmy is one of the world’s best storytellers. Some of the best pictures are of Jimmy getting himself into some extreme positions in order to get that perfect shot.

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Jimmy Chin, MuskOx Men's Apparel
Photo via Jimmy Chin

Sonja Saxe

If you love exploring our country’s national parks, this is the account just for you. Sonja takes us with her on some of the most incredible adventures, from backcountry skiing, to kayaking.

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Sonja Saxe, MuskOx Outdoor Apparel
Photo Via Sonja Saxe

Nick Weston

Nick takes us into the world of outdoor cooking. A true man’s man, Nick is known for pictures of his travel and open flame, spit-roasted, meat.

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Photo via Nick Weston

Cyrus Sutton

Cyrus isn’t just known for taking great pictures of the great outdoors, he’s a world renowned filmmaker and director. Check out his instagram to get truly inspired. 

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Cyrus Sutton, MuskOx Men's Apparel
Photo via Cyrus Sutton

Dave Krugman

David is a versatile photographer, getting the best pictures of both the city and the most rural areas of the world. Take a look at his website too for some truly inspirational content!

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Dave KrugmanPhoto via Dave Krugman


We do more than just sell great gear. We also are avid adventurers, just like you! You know the drill...shoot us a follow for some awesome photography and great content.
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Photo via MountainMan_Miller

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