Why We Are Named MuskOx

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We are named after the rugged MuskOx species that is uniquely qualified to survive the frigid climate and protect their community. Muskox thrive because they travel in packs, have the warmest insulation in the animal kingdom, and have fur that’s finer than cashmere. Most importantly, muskox know when to stand up individually to their manhood being tested and when to band together as a pack to protect their young from external attacks. MuskOx was founded by Brad Hoos in 2019 because he found himself constantly looking for clothing that he could wear to the office or out on an adventure just as easily. A long-time adventure seeker that still had the practical obligations of day-to-day life, Brad created MuskOx alongside some key partners.  

At MuskOx, we believe in the power of the outdoors and the need to stay connected with adventure and wildlife. While we may not be climbing peaks or braving arctic weather like the muskox, we connect with the rugged pursuit of something great. We make clothing that brings the outdoors into our everyday life with thoughtful design and performance features that simply make your life better. When you wear MuskOx, you support American wildlife and the active pursuit of adventure. We are partnered with the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center (AWCC) to support the conservation of muskox and wildlife in Alaska. For every purchase of $100 or more, we donate $10 to the AWCC in support of their efforts of quality animal care, conservation, research, and wildlife education.

Two MuskOxen together in a field. Why We Are Named MuskOx. Men's Outdoor Apparel.

Like you, MuskOx is built to serve. While you’re out serving your community, your family, and your passions – our gear will we’ll be serving you. We are timeless. Strong. Steadfast. We stand up for what we believe is right and rise to every challenge. We live to serve our community, our family, our freedom, and our passions. We’re proud to collaborate with people from all corners of the world and we’re always learning from our fellow man. We stand strong most days, but we lean on our friends and family when we need to. We’re proud to live in the modern world, but we have not and we will not lose our sense of true self. We are the Modern American Man.  MuskOx has grown into a brand that's synonymous with quality, durability, and thoughtful design. We might not be the flashiest brand around, but MuskOx men are the type of guys that put their head down and get the job done. No flash required.