Tightening Our Paper Trail

100% Recycled Packaging

Our in-house fulfillment process leaves a limited environmental impact to deliver the highest quality outdoor apparel. And we do it because that’s what our herd of customers has told us we need to do. We are proud to use the world's most sustainable packaging that is 100% recycled and naturally biodegradable.

Yearly, our packaging helps conserve 9,100,000 gallons of water, 81,00 trees, 1,800 barrels of oil, 7,000,000,000 BTUs of energy, and 8,700 tons of GHC emissions.

100% Recycled Cardboard

MuskOx Shirt Box

100% Recycled Polyurethane

MuskOx Flat Mailer

MuskOx Outdoor Apparel, Photo of Heavyweight Flannel in Sustainable Packaging