Adam Blascak — Explorer, Fellow Detroiter, and Professional Collage Artist

We caught up with our friend Adam Blascak — explorer, fellow Detroiter, and professional photographer. 

Adam Blascak (@adam_anaconda) is a photographer and collage artist based out of Detroit, MI. His hand-crafted collage style has derived from many different travels across the country and an overall love for photography and all the different American landscapes. He particularly enjoys exploring Northern Michigan and the Great Lakes coastline around the Midwest and Canada. 

Tell us about your pursuit of photo and video?

I’ve been pursuing the medium of collage for nearly 10 years now. It’s such a creative process from scouting the location, to capturing the images, to printing, to assembling each individual frame and hand-crafting a new piece. The end result is always something that feels very personal to my perspective on that particular landscape, or what I would imagine a memory to look like if it became a physical object.

What has been your most unique adventure when shooting?

Anytime I’m exploring a National Park it’s a unique adventure. A lot of my collages are captured inside National Parks, because it’s so easy to be inspired and the roads are usually in pretty good condition. Earlier this year, I was at Saguaro National Park and it felt like being inside a playground for a collage artist, because everywhere you looked there were giant cactus right next to the road, perfect sunlight, and pretty good elevation.

Any tips or recommendations for anyone getting into photography and video?

Shoot what you love, and you’re inspired by... and explore other artists who produce great work and help feed your motivation.

What do you think of the MuskOx gear?

Love the MuskOx Flannel! It’s nice enough to wear to dinner, but I could also wear it around a bonfire when I’m camping. Super simple, but mainly just comfortable and durable. I like the steel grey color and have my eye on a few others too!

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