Our Favorite States to Visit in Winter

Winter Vacation in Colorado. MuskOx Men's Apparel

There are two types of winter travelers: those who flee cold weather and those who flock to it. There are plenty of destinations across the country to suit both the cold-lovers and the cold-haters. It is easy to have a love/hate relationship with winter, it’s unpredictable, and cold. But some of the coldest places, with the most snowfall provide the perfect winter vacation in the United States. Us, we are winter lovers. We flock to the snow to ski, hike, relax, and chill with our family.

We our team... What states should the MuskOx Herd visit this winter?


Colorado has some of the fantastic downhill snowboarding slopes in the United States, with ski resorts that vary from luxury to budget  friendly. Areas like Telluride and Steamboat Springs are some of the most famous ski locations in Colorado. You can hit multiple resorts snd mountains in a day or even spread-out through a few days since they are so close in proximity. That is something that makes Colorado special.


From seeing the northern lights, to dog sledding through the Alaskan wilderness there are plenty of things to do while in Alaska. The last frontier has jaw-dropping surroundings of unspoiled nature, majestic mountains, glaciers, crystal clear lakes, waterfalls and the National Parks. Cruising alongside the Inside Passage and seeing the faraway villages with amazing backdrops that cannot be found anywhere else.

Winter Vacation in Alaska. MuskOx Men's Apparel


While there are many tremendous ski resorts to travel to throughout the United States, one of the best sits  in Sun Valley, Idaho, home of the first destination ski resort in the country. The old mining town is surrounded by two rugged mountain peaks and more than 2,000-acres of changing terrain, which attracts skiers of all levels, from ambitious beginners to Olympic athletes. Bald Mountain and Dollar Mountain provides 3,400 ft of vertical snow-packed thrills alongside dozens of trails.


Big Sky Montana is home to some of the most spectacular downhill skiing available in the U.S. The area gets 30 feet of snowfall in the area each year in southwestern Montana, making for near perfect winter conditions.

From the towering mountain peak that gives vacationers more than 6,000 acres to ski and 4,300 vertical feet of snow to traverse. There are four mountains and about 300 ski runs to choose from, so you could spend a week in Big Sky and never hit the same trial twice. 

Winter Vacation in Montana. MuskOx Men's Apparel


The wintry snow conditions in Utah are persistently terrific for skiers and snowboarders, and you can experience these things to do in the course of a vacation, however the Utah offers something no location else can — the opportunity to bobsled down the 2002 Olympic Winter Games Sliding Track. The Winter Bobsled Experience in at the Utah Olympic Park in Park City is an unforgettable way to actually step into Olympic greatness. Experience the G-force as you rocket down the chute with a expert driver on board the Comet Bobsled.