Gratitude For Our Many Freedoms, A Memorial Day Letter From Our Founder

Hi Friends.

As the son of a Navy Captain, I grew up with a deep appreciation for the military and those who served. But that’s not to say that our version of military appreciation was usually a solemn or official affair.

As a family, we used to rent a big full-size van to drive up and down the East Coast to visit somber Civil War sites and celebratory New England Revolutionary War locales. There was fighting with my sisters – for which my punishment was usually sitting on my hands for hours at a time. There were certainly lots of laughs – especially when we begged my Mom to open her mouth in the midst of her chewing. It’s amazing that even a 7 year old can appreciate a woman whose lifetime of manners and proper table etiquette crumbled for a brief moment in a successful attempt to connect with her children. And there was sitting on old cannons & running through the streets of downtown Boston yelling “The British are coming.”

Brad Hoos Founder of MuskOx and Father

But unbeknownst to me at the time, there was also a big lesson being delivered in my family: we honor and appreciate the sacrifices others have made to make the world a better place.

So this weekend as Memorial Day approaches, I’m reminded anew of the importance in pausing and taking stock of just how fortunate we are and the sacrifices that were made to get us where we are today.

It’s a weekend that isn’t about barbecues or hot dogs or commercial sales – but a time to express gratitude for the ultimate sacrifices.

Gratitude for our many freedoms.
Gratitude for those who put our freedoms ahead of their own lives.

I know what I’ll be doing this weekend and I hope you make time to join me in honoring our fallen soldiers with a moment of somber remembrance. That’s just what I was taught to do and believe is right.

And I promise these are the values and approach we put into MuskOx every day.


Brad, Founder of MuskOx Outdoor Apparel

Brad, Founder of MuskOx Outdoor Apparel