The Anticipation Is Over…Outdoor Summer and Fall Festivals Are Back!

The year of 2020 made us all gain a new appreciation for the outdoors. You may have learned to take daily walks, or to cherish your weekend hikes and not be as hesitant to try new outdoor activities. As we look back and appreciate what that year has taught us, we also know that a lot of our favorite outdoor events were missed. Now that we have taken a step towards a new normal, we are bursting with excitement because that means many of our favorite outdoor and summer festivals have made their return!

MuskOx Men's Outdoor Apparel Summer and Outdoor Festival Blog. Photo of MuskOx customers at Blake's Lavender Festival.

MuskOx had the pleasure of attending Blake’s Lavender Festival to sell outdoor gear to during their artisan market. This festival was full of the best cider, lavender inspired dishes, and Michigan-made vendors of all kinds showcasing their artisanal goods. Aside from the smell of fresh lavender and seeing people come together for an event filled weekend, our favorite part was by far meeting and interacting with festival patrons and new members of the MuskOx Herd. Getting to chat in-person about fabrics, techniques, and features of our outdoor apparel is always an incredible experience as an ecommerce brand.

Blake’s Lavender Festival inspired us to pack our calendars with the below events we missed so much, and find some new and noteworthy outdoor and summer festivals to attend!

Now, to our 2021 Outdoor Summer and Fall Festival Guide

French Quarter Festival (New Orleans, LA)

MuskOx Men's Apparel Summer and Outdoor Festival Guide. Photo of French Quarter Festival by atravelingfox.
Photo via @atravelingfox

The French Quarter Festival is the ultimate celebration of Louisiana music featuring food, drinks, and special events. The French Quarter Festival takes place September 30 - October 2nd. If you want to add some Louisiana Soul Music into your Summer - this festival is perfect. The music ranges from jazz to brass band, and even gospel! No better way to spend your late Summer than outdoors with good music and food.

Sowa Open Market (Boston, MA)

MuskOx Men's Apparel Summer and Outdoor Festival Guide. Image of SOWA Boston
Image via SoWa Boston

Sowa Open Market is an award winning market that takes place every Sunday from May to October off of 500 Harrison Ave in Boston. This market features art, food, beer, and so much more! One of the most drawn to events at the SoWa Open Market is the Farmer’s Market. It features local vendors with the best fresh produce and delicious baked goods.

Albuquerque Balloon Festival (Albuquerque, NM)

MuskOx Men's Apparel Summer and Outdoor Festival Guide. Photo of Albuquerque Balloon Festival by amazingshots_reflections
Photo via Ian Beckley

Set your gaze in the sky during the annual Albuquerque Balloon Festival featuring hundreds of hot air balloons with pilots from around the world. This year’s event takes place October 2nd through October 10th, it is a great way to start off the fall season. Not only does the event feature the beautiful array of sky flying balloons, but it also has entertainment, food, and fireworks! This festival is a bucket list must-see.

Blake's Sunflower Festival (Armada, MI)

Photo of Blake's Farms by MuskOx Men's Outdoor Apparel

Did you miss the Lavender Festival at Blake’s, or just looking forward to attending the next festival that Blake’s will be holding? If so - the Sunflower Festival is taking place over labor day weekend! This festival will feature a market, along with a beautiful sunflower field. The sunflower field will feature the best photo-ops along with a sunflower maze to get lost in. Of course there is live music, delicious food, and the best drinks.

We can’t wait to hear about your festival experiences this year. Whether it is one of our suggestions above, your local city festival, or somewhere exotic. Did we miss your favorite festival? Be sure to leave us a comment regarding what festivals we need to add to our list!