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Built For Nature

The pursuit of happiness and adventure go hand in hand

Thoughtful Clothing. No Compromise.

MuskOx was founded to bring the power of the outdoors to everyday life. We deliver quality and functional gear that lasts. We also stand up for what we believe in and donate $10 of every $100 purchase towards wildlife conservation. No, that’s not a typo. Call us old fashioned, but we put our money where our mouth is.


Adventure is Everywhere

MuskOx Outdoor Apparel, Image of Brad Hoos, Founder, Skiing in Big Sky


Durable, Rugged, Survival

Zero Animal Fabric

Cruelty-free products without compromising strength and durability

The outdoors is for exploration and preservation. Our natural habitat and the wildlife that inhabits the outdoors are core to who we are as humans. Our clothing and choices need to support that.

— Brad Hoos, Founder & CEO

Creating A More Sustainable Future

We carefully consider our manufacturing partners, fabrics, and packaging so you get the highest quality outdoor apparel with the lowest environmental impact.


We Put Our Money Where Our Mouth Is

For every $100 you spend on MuskOx, $10 is donated to Alaska Wildlife Conservation, helping  protect the incredible creatures that inspire us. Others brag about 1% of profits, but we’re proud to deliver $10 for every $100 purchase. That’s 10% if math isn’t your gift.

Commitment to Wildlife
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Anti-Fast Fashion

Quality, durability, and style measured in years and not months or weeks


The MuskOx Herd

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Fit For Survival