Seven Places to Wear Flannel Shirts and How To Look Good

The Grand Flannel By MuskOx Apparel, Heavyweight Flannel Shirt, Comfortable Flannel Shirt By MuskOx Clothing

The heritage of the men’s flannel shirt lives in the American West, with the cowboy herding cattle and building fences. Images of simplicity, the Marlboro Man, and strength are quick to enter our minds when we think back to the openness and ruggedness of the wild west. And while we live in different times today -- where our days are filled with classes to attend, business meetings to run, and countless responsibilities -- the flannel still stands for freedom, ruggedness, and simplicity. 

At MuskOx -- we don’t just make the aspirational Grand Flannel, we’ve got you covered for understanding how to dominate wearing the flannel. 

In today’s day and age, where is it appropriate to wear flannels and what’s the best way to rock a flannel?

1. The Office

The days of the stuffy office khakis and polo shirt are thankfully behind us. Flannels are 100% in play in the office environment. Make sure you’ve got a clean flannel with a v-neck undershirt -- and then go ahead and rock that look with the top button unbuttoned. To complete the serious but comfortable look, we’d recommend you go with a pair of dark blue jeans and a pair of boots. And even in the office environment, feel free to keep your flannel untucked. As long as your flannel and jeans are clean, and your boots aren’t too worn -- you’ll look good in the office and be ready for adventure whenever that 5 o’clock whistle blows.

The Grand Flannel By MuskOx Apparel, Heavyweight Flannel Shirt, Comfortable Flannel Shirt By MuskOx Clothing

2. The Hike

Getting outside on the trail with a flannel on is a right of passage for the American man. Flannels make for great day-hike shirts because they allow a bit of that mountain breeze to blow through their pores and keep you cool and it’s easy to unbutton the shirt or roll up the sleeves to adjust as you get warmer or cooler on your hike. We recommend a flannel with a wicking shirt underneath -- just in case you decide you the flannel is too hot all together. Shorts or jeans with the flannel are fair game -- and no matter what you wear on your legs, be sure you've got comfortable shoes on your feet. 

3. The Ranch

When there’s work to be done outside, the Grand Flanel comes to the rescue. Flannels are plenty durable to get work done with your hands and when it comes to working on the ranch, we love the flannel unbuttoned and worn with a hat (bonus points if you’re able to rock the cowboy hat), a pair of jeans and some work boots. While you’re not working for fashion awards, it’s safe to say there’s a lot of ladies and gentlemen out there that find a man working on the ranch in a solid flannel simply irresistible. 


The Grand Flannel By MuskOx Apparel, Andy Rawls in the Grand Flannel By MuskOx Clothing, Heavyweight Flannel Shirt, Comfortable Flannel Shirt By MuskOx Clothing

Our Good Friend Andy Rawls in his Boerne-Based Woodshop 

4. The Shop

Whatever your shop may be -- a restaurant kitchen, a wood shop, an art studio, or your basement, flannels make for great work shirts. Look for a flannel with pocket flaps so you don’t get sawdust or any other work debris from your shop into the pockets. To complete the look, go with two buttons unbuttoned and wear with a comfortable pair of jeans or work pants -- and that classic boot you’ve been wearing for years. This classic and simple look will help you feel comfortable and allow you to knock out a bunch of work. 

5. The Tailgate

When it’s time to let your hair down or blow off some steam, it’s great to reach for that flannel and head out the door with the boys. You’re ready for a good time, so we love to rock the flannel with no undershirt and your top two buttons unbuttoned. A classic trucker hat completes the look and lets you be you. You work hard. Really hard. So let’s keep things simple and get the good times rolling with the flannel look.  


The Grand Flannel By MuskOx Apparel, Heavyweight Flannel Shirt, Comfortable Flannel Shirt By MuskOx Clothing

6. In The City

While many of us live in the comfort and chaos of the city, we’re still inspired by the great American men who roamed the prairie with flannel shirts. The good news is there’s no reason you can’t wear flannel shirts in the city as well. In the city, we’d recommend a solid color or a classic pattern like the red or burgundy and black check. Complete the look with your sleeves rolled up with one roll and be sure to wear your favorite tee undershirt under the flannel. You can go with one, two, or all buttons undone in the city; just be sure to wear a nice pair of jeans and a modern boot to complete the look and remain untamed in the modern world.

7. The Concert

Frankly, if you’re not rocking a flannel to a country concert, you’re doing it wrong. But Flannels aren’t just for country -- they’re a good look for pretty much any genre of concert besides classical or opera. At a concert, it’s time to let your hair down, so have some fun and go ahead and unbutton it -- just be sure your under tee is ready to be seen. We love to roll up our sleeves to let the world know we’re ready for a good time at the show -- and it’s damn hard to go wrong with a classic straight-cut jean and classic brown boot.

We've constructed The Grand Flannel with heavy-duty, 100% double brushed cotton so no matter where you roam, and how you wear it, it will be your favorite flannel.