Flannels Made In Portugal

Craftsmanship and Care For Employees and The Environment
1100+ Team Members
Production: The Grand Flannel, Field Grand Flannel, Yukon Flannel

Our production facility in Portugal develops best-in-class 100% cotton flannels. This vertically integrated factory sources cotton through the Better Cotton™ initiative and is certified through the Global Recycled Standard and Global Organic Textiles Standards. The campus occupies over 300,000 M² and utilizes 7,250 solar panels for an annual self-consumption production of 4,500 MWh, representing a saving of more than 20% in electricity consumption and a reduction of about 2,000 tons annual CO² emissions. They have planted over 1000 trees on their campus, and for context, their solar use has the equivalent impact of planting 15,000 trees annually.