Matt Carriker, The King of The Demolitia, Joins The MuskOx Herd

Matt Carriker, MuskOx Grand Flannel, Flannel Shirt by MuskOx Apparel

At MuskOx, we’re proud of all the great things men are doing in the world today. Most of it goes unmentioned as part of our everyday lives: maybe it’s lending a helping hand to a neighbor or working that extra job to support the family. Perhaps it’s mowing the lawn for an elderly neighbor without any desire for recognition, or for the brave men in uniform maybe it’s spending all night out in the frigid cold across the world to protect the red white and blue.  

Today we pause and celebrate the men who are making the world just a little better. While there’s rightfully plenty of stories in the news about what men have done wrong, our passion is celebrating when men are doing right, especially when it’s a man that’s part of the MuskOx Herd

To call Matt Carriker a Renaissance man feels like a bit of an understatement. A Texas native and the son of a Veterinarian, Matt Carriker has proudly returned home to his hometown of Boerne as a veterinarian, husband, father, business owner, and yes -- leader of The Demolitia. And while Matt has gone big-time in the eyes of YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook -- he’s just Matt from down the road in Boerne. 

A classic American love-story, Matt met his wife Meredith in high school. Soon after, they both headed west to College Station, Texas -- where they both graduated from the home of 12th man, Texas A&M University. Before graduating, Matt & Mere got hitched to crystalize what was obvious to both of them on day one: the two would spend the rest of their life together. After graduation, Matt started Vet School and like most graduate students, the couple was low on funds, but high on passion. Don’t tell Mere, but Matt’s passion required spending quite a bit of money -- after all bullets aren’t cheap. Matt had started a YouTube channel on a whim, and quickly realized that the channel could be a source of revenue to pay for his ammo. 

Matt Carriker, Flannel Shirt By MuskOx Clothing

Fast Forward to today and Matt’s original YouTube channel, DemolitionRanch has over 7.5 million subscribers. Matt’s family YouTube channel, OffTheRanch has 3.7 million subscribers. Oh -- and Matt also has a channel that focuses on treating dogs and cats with meaningful medical challenges but insufficient funds to be treated. Through a partnership with the San Antonio Humane Society Matt has brought awareness to animals through VetRanch’s 2.8 million subscribers. 

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And while these social media stats are impressive, what’s really cool is how Matt continues to focus on what’s most important to him: his family and his community. Matt is the proud parent of 3 (Lincoln, Adalyn, and Annie), owner and veterinarian at a local vet clinic -- and owner of Bunker Branding, a screen printing and merchandising business that is home to all gear for all of Matt’s fans,
The Demolitia, plus many other creators. We’re proud to share that all MuskOx apparel is stored at Matt’s Bunker Branding, where his team packs all the items and ships them out. 

But before we go any further, let’s hear a little from Matt himself: 

MuskOx: How did you get into being a Veterinarian? 
Matt: My Dad is a veterinarian and growing up I got exposed to all the great things that pets bring to families but also all the challenges they face. It’s not easy to see dogs and cats in pain and I feel a sense of obligation to do what I can to help. I’m a big fan of the “Fix ‘Em All” mentality and I figured that I’d be able to fix more if I were a vet, so I decided to go to vet school. Getting a chance to practice with my Dad -- and now my sister who also graduated from Texas A&M’s vet school -- was really a no-brainer. I guess you could say I came by it honestly. 

MuskOx: It’s no secret that Meredith is a huge part of your life. What does Meredith mean to you and how does she make you a better man?  
Matt: Yeah, I’m not sure I could say enough good things about Mere. She’s my rock and has always been incredibly supportive of all the crazy ideas I’ve had. Did I mention I decided to buy a house that was half-completed and then abandoned for years? Or how about creating a YouTube channel focused on blowing things up? Or starting a t-shirt printing business without ever having printed a t-shirt in my life? Yeah...I’ve have a lot of crazy ideas that somehow Mere always supported.  

But besides supporting my crazy ideas -- and being a looker if I do say so myself -- she’s been a steadying force in the madness of life, a better mother than I could have ever dreamed of. And while Don’t Tell Mere is the #1 rule as part of The Demolitia, she’s certainly my queen and the proud lady leader of my family. One this is clear -- I’m a lucky man. 

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MuskOx: You’ve got a huge fan following called “The Demolitia”. What sort of responsibility comes with that? 
Matt: Well, there’s only one rule so it’s pretty easy to keep everyone in line. If I have any responsibility it’s just to be myself and to give people a little bit of realness and relatability in a world where fake and inflated has become way too normal. My fans are the absolute best and it’s so fun to watch all the good they go out and do everyday. I’m definitely “in” for continuing to lead the Demolitia in their crazy journey called life. 

MuskOx: Why are you excited to be part of MuskOx? 
Matt: While I’m not exactly a big “clothes” guy -- I do appreciate looking good without fuss and quality that lasts. I don’t wake up every day wondering what I’ll wear or anything, but MuskOx gear is timeless and something I know I’ll wear for years. MuskOx puts thought into all their clothes and I appreciate all the details like thumbholes, hidden zippers, and the little things on the bag of each garment [editor’s note: they are called locker loops, Matt] that let you put shirts on a hook. I guess -- it’s just really good stuff that I like to wear and don’t have to think much about since I know they have already put a ton of thought into it.  

MuskOx: What’s your favorite piece of MuskOx clothing that you own? 
Matt: While it’s pretty hot in Texas, and I’m generally a t-shirt and jeans kind of guy -- I’d still have to say it’s The Grand Flannel. I appreciate being able to wear it on the Ranch or for a night out on the town with Mere. It just feels like it suits me no matter where I go. 

MuskOx: How has being a father made you a better man? 
Matt: I say all the time that I just want to pause life right now because my kids are old enough to interact and understand things, but still young enough where they need us and want to hang out with Mere and me. Seeing my kids love of life and love of one another makes me appreciate the little things in life a little bit more. It’s really their love that makes me want to be better and be stronger. Raising your kids right and being the man who they want you to be is truly its own reward.

Having Matt as part of the MuskOx Herd is truly a blessing for our team. He’s hard-working, down to earth, fun, and makes the world a better place every day. A Texan and family man at heart, his easy going nature and tireless efforts make it clear to us that Matt Carriker is indeed a MuskOx Man. 

So, here’s to Matt, Mere, Texas, and the Demolitia. 

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