MuskOx Heavyweight Flannel Fit Guide

Heavyweight cotton flannels are what MuskOx are known for. Constructing the best flannels does not only take quality materials and thoughtful manufacturing. Fit is also carefully considered during MuskOx’s flannel design and manufacturing process. Without the right fit, comfort and quality does not exist. To find the perfect fitting flannel shirt you’ll need to know your measurements and how to measure properly. It’s also important to know what makes MuskOx cotton fabric unique and flattering so you better understand quality – we want you to know you got your money’s worth. By the end of this guide, you’ll be wearing your MuskOx 100% cotton flannel proudly.

Man in MuskOx Heavyweight Flannel Shirt in BurgundyPhoto of MuskOx Grand Flannel Shirt in Burgundy

  1. How should a flannel fit?
  2. How do you size a flannel and measure yourself?
  3. What makes a flannel heavyweight?
  4. How is high quality flannel fabric sourced and manufactured?
  5. What is double brushed flannel fabric?

How should a flannel fit?

The Grand Flannel

The Grand Flannel is our flagship product is constructed with our densest 100% cotton weave, and double brushed ensuring extra softness. This flannel contours the chest, body, and arm with a slight taper at the waist. Designed with true attention to detail that will withstand outdoor conditions in the field.

The Yukon Flannel Shirt Jacket

The Yukon Shirt Jacket is a transitional jacket that you can wear season after season, layered over a basic tee or a sweater for the chilly months. This durable flannel has two secure chest pockets and two side seam pockets so you don’t have to worry about not having space to store away your everyday essentials.

The Relaxed Fit Flannel

Dropping in Fall of 2022, our Relaxed Fit is built for the man who wants a little extra space in the mid-section and shoulders. This flannel has added fabric through the waist and darts at the back to give you room to move regardless of if you are working hard, or relaxing on the weekends. It also features gusset chest pockets with room to store whatever you need to carry around day to day.

How do you size a flannel and measure yourself?


The chest measurement on your shirt is taken one inch (1”) below the armhole. On your body this translates to placing the measuring tape at the fullest part of your chest and running across your shoulder blades. Keep your arms relaxed at your side.


To take your waist measurement run the tape measure around the fullest part of your belly.


To check your preferred shirt length, place the measuring tape at the base of your neck and measure down your back to where you would like the shirt length to ideally be.


To check your preferred sleeve length, place the measuring tape at the base of your neck and follow along your arm to the meatiest portion of your hand just above your thumb. This measurement can be challenging to take on your own, so you may want someone to help you measure. Another option is to measure your favorite shirt already in your wardrobe from the center of the back neck, tracing along the outer edge of the shoulder down to the tip of the sleeve.

What makes a flannel heavyweight?

There is definitely a spectrum of weight and thickness, and thickness does not always equate to weight. A lightweight to standard weight flannel is approximately 5 ounces, ranging up to 12-13 ounces which is considered heavyweight. Since our 100% cotton fabric is double brushed a little bit of thickness is converted to softness where a little bit of the feel of weight (not physical weight) or firmness is lightened. For instance, our Grand Flannel is over 15 ounces which is considered heavyweight but because it is double brushed the fabric feels lighter and more active than a traditional single brushed flannel.

How is high quality flannel sourced and manufactured?

Farmers, cotton producers and manufacturers who are part of the Better Cotton Initiative and ISEAL compliant produce the highest quality material and fabrics. They abide by strict environmental standards for climate change migration, long term soil health, and smart pesticide use. As well, socio economic standards that promote cotton farming communities, livelihood of smallholder farmers, women’s empowerment, and the training of farmers on modern and sustainable techniques.

All of MuskOx heavyweight 100% cotton flannels are manufactured in Portugal at a vertically integrated small batch mill that produces the highest quality fabrics and shirts in men’s apparel. Our 100% cotton flannel fabric is custom woven and dyed each season, to deliver proprietary MuskOx flannel fabrics and patterns. Once fabric construction is complete it is then double brushed to give it a super soft and thick feel. Shirts are then cut and sewn into the modern but timeless designs we call MuskOx flannels.

What is double brushed flannel fabric?

Double brushing is a finishing process that raises the surface fibers of the fabric which creates extra softness on the surface. Cotton flannels are traditionally single brushed, making only one side of the flannel soft. Flannels that are double brushed have noticeably softer feels on both sides of the shirt, increasing their comfort and quality feel to the touch.

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