Navigating Your Summer Adventure

With summer underway and your schedule becoming more and more packed, we gathered four US destinations so you can get out there and explore. All have varying trail types and difficulties and are within different regions in America's great terrain. We're sure that our Summer 2021 Trail Guide will inspire you to log off and get out there.

Photo of Mount McGinnis by gabedonohoe
Photo via Gabe Donohoe, Mount McGinnis

Mount McGinnis & West Glacier Trail

Trail Length: 10.4 Miles
Elevation: 4242 Feet
Trail Type: Out & Back

It’s no secret that the MuskOx Herd loves Alaska. With the Summer months approaching we have scouted the most desired itinerary for adventure seekers like you. The main attraction is Mount McGinnis & the West Glacier Trail which spans 10.4 miles and includes stunning mountain and marine landscapes. It is a lightly trafficked trail due to its remote nature and is located near Juneau. During your trip you will definitely want to make time for the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center which is a top tourist attraction in Alaska. If Alaska inspires, we got you covered on eight more majestic Alaskan destinations.


Photo of Superior Trail by georgeduluth
Photo via George Ilstrup, The Superior Hiking Trail

The Superior Hiking Trail

Trail Length: 310 Miles
Elevation: 1829 Feet
Trail Type: Out & Back

There is nothing like a trail with dramatic river valleys, picturesque lookouts, and wilderness. That is why we recommend the Superior Hiking Trail located in the Midwestern state of Minnesota. Pack your bags because this trail is 310 miles, will take about 17-20 days (trust us - it’s worth it), and travels along Lake Superior. While in the area you can also check out the Trans Superior Yacht Race which is the world’s longest freshwater sailboat race!


Photo of Gorge Trail via 4th Photo
Photo via 4th.Photo, Gorge Trail

Gorge Trail

Trail Length: 2.4 Miles
Elevation: 574 Feet
Trail Type: Loop

Looking for an east coast Summer adventure? Well in that case, we’ve got you covered! Take a trip out to the beautiful 2.4 mile Gorge Trail in New York which winds through a sequence of waterfalls with emerald pools. During this quick hike you'll encounter 19 waterfalls. Be sure to bring a tent that you can stay the night at Fingers Lake National Forest which features a 5-acre blueberry patch! We also recommend taking a visit to the farm sanctuary which is home to more than 800 rescued farm animals.


Photo of Chad Lubinski on Rogue River Trail
Photo via Chad Lubinski, Rogue River Trail

Rogue River Trail

Trail Length: 37.1 Miles
Elevation: 4419 Feet
Trail Type: Point to Point

You may have read about our friend, Chad Lubnski hiking the Rogue River Trail in Oregon, and we're so excited to recommend this trail based on his stories! This trail stretches 37 miles and offers some of the most breathtaking landscape views of Southwestern Oregon, including waterfalls. On the trail you'll travel through Wild Rogue Wilderness and Rogue River–Siskiyou National Forest. While in Oregon be sure to take advantage of the water activities including white water rafting and boating tours. Please take this one safe because it is rated as difficult.